Golf competition management made easy!

About MyGolfOpen

A better way of managing an open competition at your club doesn't need to be difficult.

MyGolfOpen is an idea to allow golfers to register and participate in compeitions at their own club and more importantly, at other clubs.

With different clubs often utilizing copy and paste forms, postal entries and other ways of allowing players to register for an open competition, I thought it was time that event discovery and registration was made easier for those who want to play at other club's open events.

The aim of MyGolfOpen is to make it easier for golfers to register their interest in competitions at their own clubs and at other clubs.

MyGolfOpen is designed to be easy to use by clubs and also make the management of the event easier by allowing event organisers to register players as they arrive and arrange players into their preferred tee-off times.

MyGolfOpen is a subscription passed service that will require an annual fee to use. Clubs and unions will be able to manage events all year round and host any number of events that they need too.

MyGolfOpen doesn't use any anaytics tracking or use ads to ensure that the service will run. We respect the privacy of all players and will not use registration details to sell any third-party products or services. Your data will always be kept safe and secure and will not be sold to third parties looking for mailing lists.

Last, but not least, golf clubs are facing testing times. To ensure the continued growth of the sport, it's important that events are made easier for people to find and register with. With MyGolfOpen, we hope to bring the community of golfers closer together and make it easier for others to enter the sport.